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Tonic Play (Wicklow)

by Steve Blount

Steve Blount used his Seeds Grant to research and develop a play based on a ‘journey in and around the corridors of a hospice through the eyes, ears, clinks, and blinks of a drinks trolley chauffeur’.   Inspiration came from when Steve’s own father was a resident in Harold’s Cross Hospice.  As part of his research, Steve attended IHF’s Compassionate Culture Network in Wicklow and became a volunteer worker at his local hospice.   

“Due to my belief and deep appreciation for this project I have to say thank you to all involved and those I have met. Little did I know how it would kickstart such a deep dive into the hospice world and its life force. I have met many wonderful people, heard powerful stories and will continue to explore this journey and endeavour to make that story available for all. The drinks trolley service will be doing the rounds … more Tonic for everyone.” 

Steve Blount is primarily an actor working in theatre, film, television, and radio both nationally and internationally for the past 33 years.  He co-wrote and performed in the play “Swing” which toured all over Ireland, UK, Europe, US, Australia and New Zealand and won numerous awards and critical acclaim. He has also worked on many scripts as a fixer and workshopped many productions in their early stages.